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I have twitter now nough said!
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If you notice I have move and deleted folders and such you still find my art if you go searching! I refuse to go and -find I don't feel like deleting any of my old work -_-;; there too much of it and most of it not worth finding because it doesn't reflect on my style there their but further you search the older and the more amateur it becomes my art becomes! I keep it all up so you see my progress as a artist over the years! So yeah...^^;
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Well its been a weird journey for me in 2017! A lot of interesting people I have met over the year some cool and  strange but ya know that happens! However...I also feel in love as well :iconman7ers: yup I got a boyfriend! :D :cloud9:Achievement unlock! Yeaaah!!!! Luigi won a trophy I'm very happy to have him in my life and to me we are a perfect match as well! But that's just me being cheesy and what not ^^;

Also in other surprising news! I have a little baby brother! onion head 'shock'  Yes I was just as surprise as you are!Eye Zoom 
It happen on a well surprise really Shocked Llama Emoji-82 (Shocked) [V4] He was suppose to be born in March but was born too early and came as a early/late Christmas gift why? He was born yesterday on Saturday and needs around until March to be fully grown! I won't go into too much detail but I will say the baby is doing really well! ^-^
His name is Harry so yeah, hope he grows into a healthy confident kiddo! Unlike me...onion head 'shame' "le sigh"
Anyways!! Thank you to all my amazing/wonderful friends that I have this year or before you know who you are so thank you all for being a good friendo!5 seconds hug Huggle! Hug 

And for this year I will be trying to carrying on more with angel in miracle world! NiGHTS Origin Dreams and some other series on my YouTube channels!:happybounce: 

Not sure what else to say really but that's all I gotta say for now 2017 while some parts really good there were also some low and or bad moments too...but we must move forward onward's to the bright, fresh new year and keep on moving!
:la3d: La anim 50x47 derpSo hope you all have a happy new year/2018 and lets hope it will be at least...normal sure some bad things might happen but I don't want too many bad things to happen really! Shake it 

New years resolution really I don't know if I have one for this year, but last years was just blocking out all the negative people wherever if its online or not! However maybe for this I don't know just try my hardest not to get into anything negative which I have been doing avoiding negative things, and sure will have my down days and we all get those days really but just try not to get into any arguments or anything like that! :P IDK Sonic Shrug Emote bunneh icon17 [EMOTES] SCDS - Sonic Shrug 
Maybe this year get into more obscure music genresJammin'and maybe getting Twitter? I don't know if that will be the best place to be, but I think it might be interesting and such so I can be apart of some cool things maybe! :D I just have to use a lot of will power not to get into any drama or trouble because dear god that will be terrifying if that happen to me! 0-0;; Might not use so much but just in case for something cool that might happen on there so I can be apart of that said cool thing! Meow :3 So that's it for new years resolutions! :) :D

Anyways I been rambling for too long so I hope I haven't waste any of your time so take care and have all a wonderful 2018! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:  Also looking forward to some movies and other cool things to come out this year as well! YAY! I am a dummy! 
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Hope everyone has a wonderful time and see you all in the next year! <3
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Hope everyone has a wonderful time and see you all in the next year! <3
  • Watching: youtube… Please head off to the NiGHTS website remember that figure of Reala that was shown some time ago well its up to you to save it! Or else will be scrap! Please do what you can and vote yes for Reala to be save! Please spread this message to all NiGHTS fans ASAP!
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So its been 10 year of NiGHTS journey of Dreams! And what way to celebrate is a old video from of S&k EPiC Adventure! link here -->…
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I haven't uploaded any art since October well then again I just been busy and haven't felt like uploading anything...I'm doing okay just having a few up and down moments but that's just life really your gonna get those feelings no matter what happens! 
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So around the end of august I got my Nintendo Switch! What I also got with it was Breath of the wild! The Legend of Zelda game! Ya know! And within those 3 in a half months or more I was playing that game and honestly the best Zelda game I ever played I haven't played many of them but this makes me wanna go back and play some of the others!

I don't know what to say but it was awesome just everything about the game awesome! The ending gave me goosebumps and a few tears ;w; because of how beautiful it is!

I wasn't expecting to finish this game so soon I thought it will take me even longer but no it didn't I guess I gotten good at playing the game and gotten much better at playing games in general! So yeah don't know what to say I love the game and can't wait for what's to come for Zelda and such! So yeah good game! Wanna play the other games~ <3  
TLOZ Breath of the Wild - Link Icon 
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The next volume with have much more pages around about 20 so every chapter or volume will now be 20 pages so I think that will work better you could say that volumes 1 and 2 will be one big thing in some way... 0v0
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Look at DC and Marvel this movie will blow the competition away! But that's just me because I'm not really into super movies sorry I do like Dr.Strange but that's it really unless you count Lego batman movie so there's that!
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If you wanna help with Sonic Team and SEGA's future mostly for people who played forces but anyone is open to do this! ^_^ 
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But try to avoid all negative reviews because you don't want it to ruin your experience!

Also I finish it in a matter of 4 days just need to get some S rank and make some oc in the game because hey I like creating them its a lot of fun!~

I don't know if I wanna go in some full depth review because I don't have the time or the attention spam to do one so I will make it short and sweet!

This game is fun and I feel like I had so much fun playing it. I don't know what else to say because well I guess it felt short in a way or maybe I'm just gotten better at playing Sonic or had the game on normal setting being easy mode but it still had challenge!

What makes me upset is seeing all the wonderful people work hard on this game with tons of people even London Symphony Orchestra also help to make some of the music so just for it to get tear apart just makes me feel like no one is giving it a chance and as its because its Sonic no one takes it seriously! Its 2017 and people are still treating Sonic like nothing and praising everything else but not Sonic, unless its mania and people think its the best thing ever and don't get me wrong its good but forces is good too sure not perfect but come on! They put everything you want in this game and it still isn't enough......

I don't know this felt like a rant for than anything...I just want people to treat Sonic with respect like Mario, Sonic is always push to one side and no one cares or gives any second chance and I guess it will always be sadly like this...I feel alone liking this game I feel like I haven't found a positive review of the game because I'm scare of harshness that could come from the person...I don't know should I feel bad to enjoy this Sonic game?...I wish it was like the old days where you would play a game and everyone else was hyped for it but it doesn't feel like it anymore...Its not fair and the way people put it feels like they waste there time over nothing building up this game for so long for people to say its not good enough!

Why can't they just have fun?
Why can't they just enjoy it?
Why do they have to look into every detail of every bit of the game?
Why does this keep happening every time when they want to do something different people get mad?...

I know its not for everyone but can we just but grateful for once I'm just grateful to have the game in the first place!
But that's just me and my thoughts...they don't matter to anyone only me...
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And I love it sooo much! I love playing it I don't know what else to say without spoiling it but if you have a switch or ps4, xbox one or pc get it! If ya want too...
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So what have I and you learn from this?
1. Shadow likes kill la kill so hell yeah to that!
2. Eggman likes the game NiGHTS into Dreams double hell yeah!
3. And Sonic has a interesting music taste awesome! :D
also Jacksepticeye even answer a question too didn't know he was that much of Sonic fan so that's cool to know!
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"November dance" Dance! 

Anyhoo found out its 10 years anniversary of Super Mario Galaxy! Launch back in 2007 on this day! The more you know as they say ;)  Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2] 
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Happy Halloween everyone here's a short film for this year and its base of that game of last year's Halloween google doodle if anyone remembers that one! But yeah its really super cute~ :3 Pumpkin Icon F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! Mmm...pumpkin 
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I have a back up monitor for my computer and works like a charm! I use this old one before its small but does the job well! ^w^
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Rule #1: Answer the 13 questions the person who tagged gave you, and make your own 13 questions!
Rule #2: You cannot not tag anyone. 
Rule #3: You gotta tag 13 deviants. 
Rule #4: No saying "You're tagged if you're reading this." It kinda shows that you're lonely. 
Rule #5: No tag-backs! No tagging the person who tagged you

Been tagged by the amazing :icondp-draws-stuff: so lets get started!

1) Digital or traditional art, what's your preference?
I don't wanna get into a long rant boring rant about it so lets just say I love both, there good in there own ways so yeah that's all I need to say on that!

2) Name three favorite childhood movies.
Winnie the pooh grand adventure (I think that's its name)
Sonic OVA
And those Barbie movies! xD

3) What is a talent you wish you had but don't?
I wish I was good at maths because I feel like I would of got better marks and stuff!

4) Name a song, movie, or TV show people would be surprised to know that you like.
Me liking rave techno music people would never expect me to like it, when I show it to my dad he was pretty surprise at that. xD

5) If you like videogames, which is more attractive to you--a compelling storyline, or intuitive gameplay?
I like both but I always go for story and if story not its stronger point then I will still like it for its simple charm and all!

6) What are some of your favorite scents?
sweet things, baked goods, fried spicy things and BBQ food!

7) Would you rather be able to fly to the heights or swim to the depths?
Fly so I can go to places and meet my friends that live far away!

8) Any favorite documentaries?
Bananaz a Gorillaz documentary I really love and tells the story of how Gorillaz came to be!~ :D

9) If you could have a Youtube channel, what sort of content would you post?  
Well if I could start over again from the beginning I would of like to do AMV's and random blogs and going off to convention and doing animation and other random things. Kinda how my second channel has become now!

10) Think of your favorite teacher(s) from elementary/junior/high school.  What made them so special to you?
Miss Baker from my infant school she was really kind and sweet and also liked hello kitty as well! ^_^
Another teacher was Mrs Heartly. I was scared of her at first but ended up being a really cool teacher out of all the ones I had Junior school. Hope to see her again one day! I have a lot of other teachers but this would go on for too long!

11) If you could go on a Ferris Bueller-type escapade for a day, where would you go and what would you do?
Go to one of the comic cons in America.

12) Favorite pizza toppings?
The meaty ones with BBQ sauce all over it! UwU

13) And finally, pick a vacation--beach, mountains, countryside, city?
The city!


1. What movies scared you as a kid?
2. Best or worst Halloween costume?
3. Shows that your parents would not allow you to watch when you were a kid?
4. Things that scared you as a kid (and maybe still scare you now)
5. Favorite candy?
6. Favorite Halloween/horror movie?
7. Worst nightmare you ever had?
8. Favorite Halloween memory?
9. Ever been to a horror maze or haunted house place? If not would you wanna go or be one of the actors?
10. Favorite spooky song?
11. What's your spirit animal?
12. If you were a scary or mythical monster what would you be?
13. Any scary video games you like to play?

(you don't have to do it if you don't want to)
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I should of done this yesterday but oh well....
So yeah spooky month is here~
So expect a lot of art from me daily yaaay! ^w^
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